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Manage docs  like code 

Modify helps teams do docs with real-time collaboration, version control and more.

Collaborate in real time

Whether you're writing product requirements, technical designs, compliance policies or something else, great things happen when teams do docs together.

Modify helps your team author docs using a powerful text editor with real-time collaboration and live previews.

Author with version control

Never lose a change with rich version histories and diffs to see what's changed at a glance.

Create portable docs in markdown and store in your own Git repository in GitHub or Bitbucket. Want to make experimental changes? Branch your workspace for isolated editing.




Make your docs smart

Make your docs smart with searchable front matter. Define relationships between docs in text and visualise as interactive graphs. Replace spreadsheets with tabular data stored in text registers.

Remix editor, relationship and register views into personalised layouts to avoid switching between multiple documents.

Peer review changes


Content diffs showing you what's changed between commits


In-line comments for contextual feedback in one place

Live edits

Live editing for efficient rework by authors and reviewers


Branch merging with manual and automated checks

Publish anywhere

Define custom views of your docs and host in Modify or build with static site generators like Jekyll or Gatsby and publish to Amazon S3 or Netlify.

Configure automated jobs to render elegant PDFs and Word files for readers who prefer these formats.

Integrate your data

Use connectors to integrate your favourite apps and link data like Jira issues or Git commits from within your editor.


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