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The modern docs workflow

Create and collaborate on visually rich docs with plain text, Git and popular build tools.

Rich docs, plain text

Combine the simplicity of markdown and the power of components with MDX to create rich docs that mix words and data.

Built-in MDX components are provided with an npm package so you can take your data wherever you want and always be able to render it. Support for custom components coming soon!

Store in Git

Store data in your own Git repositories in GitHub and Bitbucket, or use Modify's hosted repositories, with the option to export later.

Workspace branches also allow for isolated editing, commiting change sets to multiple repositories and merging changes once you're happy with them.





Multiple views

Work across text, table and board views to interact with tabular data in whatever way works best for you.

Tabular data is stored as yaml, with example schemas to get you going quickly.

Level up with example content

Product docs

Getting started guide, reference and FAQs


Vision statement, epics, user stories and tasks


Technical specifications and UML diagrams


Commonly required policies and procedures

Run jobs

Want to build and publish docs? Or import GitHub Pull Requests and Jira Issues to reference in docs? We got that.

Jobs call HTTP endpoints on popular cloud services to execute a variety of jobs. Use our open source examples to get going quickly or create custom jobs.


Try an example job


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