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The modern publishing workflow for software teams

Create, build and publish content with plain text, Git and popular build tools.

Collaborate in plain text

Collaborate in real-time on markdown docs and yaml tables using a powerful text editor with live previews.

Combine the simplicity of markdown and the power of components with MDX. Define front matter for improved search and referencing. Add diagrams using mermaid, graphviz or nomnoml.

Store in Git

Store your data in version-controlled Git repositories hosted in Modify, GitHub or Bitbucket.

You can also branch repositories for isolated editing, commit changes to one or more repositories and merge changes upstream via reviews.





Configure your view

Configure your layout with multiple views to get the most out of your data.

Create registers with schemas in your editor using yaml. Or create them using familiar table, board and form views that sync with the underlying yaml.

Level up with example content

User docs

Getting started guide, reference and FAQs


Posts for a personal or team engineering blog


Technical specifications and UML diagrams


Policies and procedures for an infosec programme

Build and publish

Define and run jobs that trigger external build services for execution.

Bootstrap job definition with open source examples using popular static site generators and build/hosting services including GitHub Actions, Netlify, Vercel and AWS S3.


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