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Documenting compliance with laws, regulations and standards is painful. We do the docs, so you can get on with innovating.

Accelerate compliance

Know you have to do it, but don't know where to start? Our how-to guides help you learn about complying with common frameworks, fast.

Auditors like compliance docs, teams don't like writing them. Kickstart your docs with a library of audit-ready policies and procedures pre-mapped to GDPR, ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials.

Control your docs

Auditors like you to manage policies with version and change control.

Modify provides you with workspace branches for isolated editing, detailed commit histories and merging controlled by manual and automated checks for rock-solid auditability.

Spreadsheets begone!

Tables of data like assets and risks are everywhere in compliance. Spreadsheets are difficult to version and integrate with your docs.

Registers help you create version-controlled, linkable spreadsheets for superior auditability.

Demonstrate compliance

Auditors need proof your docs comply with requirements, and what you do complies with your docs.

Use relationships to link up docs with requirements and data like Jira issues or GitHub commits for end-to-end compliance across the development cycle.

Publish to stakeholders

Define custom views onto your compliance docs and host in Modify so stakeholders see only what's relevant for them.

Give stakeholders what they need with rendered PDF and Word versions.

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