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Product requirements

Modify gives you a collaborative workspace with version control to manage requirements the way you want.

Get going quickly

Whether your requirements development process and architecture are simple or complex, hit the ground running with a library of content and templates.

Take inspiration from vision docs, user stories, features, non-functional requirements and technical designs for agile and traditional requirements.

Develop collaboratively

Collaborate in real time with your team and key stakeholders to specify and refine requirements, and track them as they change.

A picture is worth 1,000 words - define use case, activity and many other diagrams in text with Mermaid and Graphviz.

Align and sign off

Use reviews to remove ambiguity in your requirements, get aligned and secure the approvals you need to start implementation.

Diffs show you what's changed between versions and comments and live editing help you flag and resolve issues quickly.

Establish traceability

Create links in text using a simple syntax to join up requirements with issues in Jira, commits in GitHub or tests in continuous integration for end-to-end traceability.

Visualise traceability paths from requirements to test cases to help you understand whether requirements have been satisfied.

Publish to stakeholders

Define custom views onto your requirements and host in Modify so stakeholders see only what's relevant for them.

Give stakeholders what they need with rendered PDF and Word versions.

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