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Technical docs

Document code, technical designs, papers and architecture with data you own and the workflows you want.

Store in Git

Use the power of Git for your docs, whether you store them inline, in the same repo as your code, in a different repo or across mulitple repos.

Keep your code safe by pushing and pulling from remote repos using protected branches.

Link docs with code

Index your code and use relationships to link to it in text.

Put the brakes on docs rot by getting notified when code linked to docs changes, giving you the opportunity to review manually and update.

Your data, your workflow

Author docs in markdown and store them in your own Git repos in GitHub or Bitbucket.

Use a Git-centric workflow for your docs with branching, commits and Pull Request-style reviews.

Create diagrams in text

Create text-based sequence, class and other diagrams using Mermaid, Graphviz and Nomnoml.

Render changes on the fly using live previews without breaking your authoring workflow.

Publish where you want

Build and host your docs in Modify or use a static site generator like Jekyll or Gatsby to build and host on Amazon S3 or Netlify.

Configure automated jobs to render elegant PDFs and Word files for readers who prefer these formats.

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